Family and Divorce Law Services in Springfield, MA

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Deal effectively with legal issues in your family by turning to our law offices in Springfield, Massachusetts, for family law and divorce law services. We are aggressive at defending your rights and providing cost-effective solutions for your problems while giving you the personal attention you deserve.


If you are considering divorce, we understand that you have many unanswered questions. The earlier you involve us, the better we can gather evidence and address other important elements of your case. We handle all aspects of your divorce, such as custody, parenting plans, child support, alimony, and property division.

High-Conflict Cases

Our attorneys have a great deal of experience in dealing with high-conflict cases, child custody, sophisticated property division issues, and division of business assets. We frequently employ the use of experts such as accountants and other professionals to aid us in negotiations and trials.

Restraining Orders

Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances of your case may require you to obtain a restraining order or defend against one. At the Law Offices of James M. Smith, we have represented a number of clients in probate and family court, as well as many different district courts with regard to obtaining or defending against a restraining order.


Don't settle for an unfavorable judicial decision. Sometimes, after a trial, you do not achieve the results you were hoping for. We have many years of appellate experience both in filing an appeal and defending one.